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The world's first and only SVJ

Airplane Wing

The PC-24 is simply unique.


It is the only aircraft that combines the versatility of a turboprop with the cabin size of a medium-light aircraft and the performance of a light-jet aircraft.

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It is an airplane that simply does not fit into any of the existing commercial aircraft categories. The PC-24 has been designed to be "off-road" compatible from the beginning.


Go where the business plane has not gone before.

There are around 10,650 airports in the world that can be accessed with an airplane capable of operating on runways with a length of 3,130 feet (954 m). There are 1,050 additional airports that will be available when your plane needs only 2,810 feet (856 m). Of course, in both cases, these tracks should be paved.

Flying Plane


Like an attic on the 5,000th floor
The cabin volume of the PC-24 exceeds business planes that cost almost double. The interior of the PC-24 has been designed from the beginning for an easy and fast reconfiguration, an option that is not found in many other business aircraft. Each passenger seat has a quick change capability that allows its addition or removal in just a few minutes. The aft partition is movable, so you can easily expand the passenger cabin or increase the volume of the luggage compartment for each flight.

Great minds need a lot of free space
Only the best quality materials have been used to create an interior that adapts perfectly to the latest standards of comfort and functionality.

Designed for 45,000 feet and two hands
All Pilatus aircraft are qualified to operate with a single pilot. And the PC-24 too. The cabin design is efficient and intuitive. From the comfort of his seat, the pilot finds an environment that has been specifically designed to reduce the workload and improve safety while providing full knowledge of the situation in all circumstances. Simply put, the PC-24 is the perfect combination of single-pilot operational experience and state-of-the-art avionics technology. And, of course, the PC-24 can also be piloted by two pilots.


Ten Reasons Why To Have A PC-24

01 More Airports
No other business aircraft can operate from paved and even unpaved surfaces at a height as low as 2,810 feet (856 m), this gives you access to more than 20,000 airports worldwide.

02 Cabin Space
No other business aircraft offers this cabin space with a completely flat floor at this price level in its category. The interior configuration can be quickly adapted to your needs.

03 Advanced Cockpit
No other business aircraft offers a more capable standard cabin environment at this price level.

04 Cargo Door
No other business aircraft includes as standard a generous cargo door that makes loading quick and easy.

05 Luggage compartment
No other business aircraft in this class have a fully internal, pressurized and accessible luggage compartment in flight.

06 Enhanced Security
No other business aircraft at this price level offers a combination of high technology and simplicity that helps improve situational awareness and safety.

07 Quiet Power Mode
No other business aircraft cools or heats the plane on the ground by its own power like the revolutionary Quiet Power Mode.

08 Operational Flexibility
No other business aircraft is a Super Versatile Jet that gives you the greatest operational flexibility possible.

09 Customer Service
No other business aircraft offers Crystal Class Support, the most complete commercial aviation warranty and service package, provided by a global network ranked number 1 in the industry for 16 consecutive years.

10 Swiss Quality
No other business aircraft is manufactured in Switzerland by a manufacturer with an unmatched reputation for accuracy like ours; We are proud to be called for excessive engineering.


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